Frequently Asked Questions

We understand choosing the right mobility aid is difficult, so here are some of your common questions answered.


"I would love to own a scooter but I cannot afford one"

Our Scooter prices are known by all our customers as competitively priced but if cost is an issue for you we offer a range of second hand Scooters. All our second hand scooters come with a 3 months guarantee. The only difference compared to a new model is that the scooter was previously owned which is why we are able to offer you a second hand model for such great prices.

Quick Mobility Scooter Price Guide
New Second Hand
Car Boot Scooter £695 Start as little as £395
Pavement Scooter
£995 Start as little as £495
Road Scooter £1795 Start as little as £895

"I already have a scooter but Id like/need a new one"

What ever the reason you have for changing your current scooter, whether you need to change your current scooter due to a change in your living circumstances or you just simply fancy a change we will part exchange your current scooter with a new model. We offer the best price we possibly can on all part exchanges for all models.


"I don't see the mobility scooter model or wheelchair that I would like"

Although we unable to stock ALL models of Mobility aids we stock the products which are most sought after by our customers. If you do not see what you are looking for on our stall whether it be a scooter / wheelchair models to Daily Living Aids please do not hesitate and contact us on 01782 265986 as we will source the product and order the product for you.


"I don't think a scooter is suitable for the area where I live" or "I'm not sure if a certain product is suitable for my needs

We do FREE Home Trials no matter where you live and with an option of a female assistant. All you need to do is pop by the stall in Hanley Market or call us on 01782 265986 and let us know what your scooter/product requirements are, for example, "I have to go up a steep hill before I reach the house", " I need to be sure the scooter fits through my front gate", or "my old fashioned bath tub may not fit a modern bath lift" and we will advise you the best we can and bring along several models for you to trial in the comfort of your own home.


"I Need reassurance"

All our new mobility aids (all wheeled walkers / wheelchairs / scooters / bath lifts / stairlifts / recliners) come with a 1 year warranty and 3 months warranty for all our second hand scooters. Our trusted suppliers ensure us that all new mobility aids are thoroughly checked before we receive them, but should there be any technical faults our warranty will cover it.

3 months FREE insurance is available with all our mobility scooters. This covers you from:

  • Theft - a replacement value of up to £1,000

  • Accidental Damage

  • Liability