Walking Aids

We stock a great range of walking aids, ranging from wheeled walkers to walking sticks. You’re sure to regain mobility with our advice.


Our Wheeled Walkers

It is so much easier to walk with a wheeled walker than a walking stick as the wheels do the work for you! Ideal for both inside and outside the home.

Wheeled Walkers helps you keep your back straight and shoulders back enabling you to walk quicker with ease as the wheels glide you forward with your every step.

Wheeled Walker Features

All our Wheeled Walkers include:

  • Includes PVC shopping bag, tray and basket

  • Orthopaedic safety handles

  • Unique centre mounted locking bracket designed not to open without lifting to prevent the tri-walker from folding and collapsing while in use

  • A unique integral cable guide, which eliminates the hazards experienced with plastic cable ties

  • All Foldable, folds away easily for easy transportation and efficient storage

  • All Puncture Proof Tyres

  • Swivel front wheels for ease of manoeuvrability

  • Stands upright when folded

  • Push down handle bar brakes


Our Walking Sticks

There's nothing like dressing up in your finest for a special occasion. We stock a variety of light weight walking sticks with a range of designs and colours to match any outfit.

The designs range from fresh modern colours, designer patterns to a choice of stylish bronze or classic black. Most of our walking sticks are foldable and/or adjustable in height and come with a useful holster carry case.

Standard Walking Sticks

The strong, lightweight aluminium shaft is height adjustable and foldable for easy storage when not in use. The walking stick handle also comes in either straight or curved handle for personal comfort.

Gel Grip

This comfort grip is ideal for those who need gentle palm support as it reduces hand stress and fatique. Its aluminium shaft is height adjustable and foldable.

NEW Arthritic Grip

This comfort grip stick is ideal for those who suffer from arthritis or who have a weakened grasp. Its aluminium shaft is height adjustable and foldable.