We stock a great range of wheelchairs for every need, from transit wheelchairs to assisted wheelchairs. We’re here to help you regain your mobility.


Why our wheelchairs offer excellent value

Our customers have found that standard hospital wheelchairs are heavy to push, difficult to manoeuvre and clinically dull in style.

Therefore we have a range of lightweight, easy to manoeuvre wheelchairs in a selection of colours in stock for your to choose from.


Transit Wheelchair

Transit wheelchairs are pushed by an attendant/carer and therefore have smaller back wheels compared to a self propelled wheelchair. Transit wheelchairs are available with both steel and aluminium frames and generally have attendant brakes to make stopping easier. It is often advantageous for a wheelchair to be lightweight to make pushing it easier.


Self Propelled Wheelchair

The user propels them self using the large rear wheels. Self propelled wheelchairs are popular with those who want maximum independence and to come and go without relying on an attendant.

The wheel size and frame shape allows the user to best propel themselves. Because it is a self propelled wheelchair it is advantageous that it is a lightweight wheelchair to make propelling easier.


Fifth Wheel Wheelchair assist fitted absolutely free

A wheel chair assist makes pushing a wheelchair easier. The battery powered fifth wheel turns manual wheelchairs into a carer controlled ‘powered wheelchair’. It takes the strain out of pushing a heavy wheelchair and makes easy work of hills, ramps and uneven surfaces. We can fit fifth wheel assists to your own or any of our new wheelchairs absolutely free.