Mobility Scooters

Getting out and about with a mobility scooter couldn't be easier. Regain your independence without the need of a family member or carer.


Our mobility scooters offer excellent value

We have a range of mobility scooters in stock that will suit your mobility needs and living environment. Having Mobility Scooters in stock means you can take your mobility scooter away with you the same day or we can deliver straight to your door at a time most convenient for you.

3 months free insurance

For a limited time only, all new mobility scooter purchases get 3 months free insurance to help you build confidence and get you going.


Carboot mobility scooter

The car boot mobility scooter is ideal for both short trips and long excursions. A car boot mobility scooter can travel at 2 - 4mph top speed and a range of up to 10 miles (16 miles on heavy duty car boot mobility scooters).

The small turning circle and narrow profile help you to navigate even the smallest of spaces as they are so compact and manoeuvrable you can take it almost anywhere as they can all be quickly dismantled and re-assembled with ease and portable in any car.


Road Mobility Scooters

Road mobility scooters can be driven by the same legislation to riding a bicycle on the footpath at a safety speed of 4mph but with a bigger and more powerful battery it enables you to travel at the legal road speed of 8mph at top speed and a range of up to 25 - 35 miles.

Some of our customers have no intention in using a mobility scooter on the road but to travel further mileage and steeper areas.

We will register all 8mph road mobility scooters with DVLA so you dont have to worry about any paperwork.


Pavement & Road Mobility Scooters

Pavement & Road Mobility Scooters are more robust compared to the Car Boot Mobility Scooter as they have a bigger frame and hold bigger and more powerful batteries to tackle steep inclines and small kerbs.

Designed to travel outdoors as well as indoors, pavement & road mobility scooters are ideal for every day use and are great for those who want the independence to get about on their own.

Similar to the car boot mobility scooter, pavement & road mobility scooters can be transported into your car with the help of ramps.


Pavement Mobility Scooters

Pavement mobility scooters travel at 4mph at top speed and a range of up to 15 - 20 miles and should be covered by the same legislation to riding a bicycle on the footpath and according to local circumstances.